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We've created Lottie to empower care seekers and to lead the global transformation to modern and sustainable care.

The Problem

Searching for a care home is complex, time-consuming and highly stressful!

Choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one is an extremely important decision. Why? Because a bad care decision can not only be an expensive and a permanent mistake, but it can also be life threatening.

Yet finding the right care home today remains to be time-consuming and highly stressful. This is because most first-time care choices take place following a sudden illness, injury or loss of carer, meaning complex decisions are often made urgently and under extremely distressing circumstances. And unsurprisingly, most care seekers know nothing about the social care sector or what makes a good elderly care home. Why would you? Care homes probably aren't at the top of your reading list…

Despite living in a digital world where Zoom is the norm and you can have your groceries delivered in under 10 minutes, care seekers are still unable to make a quick and informed care decision due to the sector's longstanding barriers to entry. These include:

  • A lack of online information and market transparency over pricing
  • Non-compliance with basic consumer protection laws
  • Outdated booking processes

It's no surprise that 44% of UK care seekers regretted their care decision.

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Finding a care home shouldn't feel like this!
A cartoon of a group of elderly people walking with one of them holding a sign that says The People's Care Company
The Solution

Meet Lottie

A digital marketplace that connects care seekers to the UK's best care homes and at a fair price!

Lottie has been created to empower care seekers and to make the care home search process simpler. By blending smart technology with market leading care experts, Lottie makes finding your perfect care home easier, quicker and more affordable.

And we've done the hard work for you! The care homes listed on Lottie are handpicked and have been vetted by our team of care experts based on their care quality, home culture and ethical practices. From outstanding care ratings and 5* customer reviews to luxury facilities and thriving home experiences, Lottie partners with the UK's best care homes that offer an enhanced resident experience and home culture like no other.

Lottie has used its collective power and market intelligence to negotiate you fair and transparent care home fees. When you choose a Lottie care home, you can feel assured that you have agreed to a market rate and a fair resident contract.

Find your Dream Care Home

What do we mean by modern care?

Lottie Care Home

Simple, Personal and Transparent

How can we make finding the perfect care home easier? This was the big question! Cue lightbulb moment… Why not give care seekers the freedom to explore and the power to build their dream care home experience?

When it comes to choosing a care home, Lottie recognises that care seeker's needs, wants and budget are individual to them. Our digital marketplace gives care seekers the freedom to explore the UK's best care homes and the tools to design their dream care home package, based on our expert recommendations. Lottie lets you decide where you want to stay, what care services you require and how you want to live your later life. And best of all? Lottie is free to use, and our team of care experts are on hand at all times to help you find your dream care home.

Lottie is the digital answer to an old school market! Excuse the pun! The next chapter is about our care seekers. We're constantly using our customers feedback to improve our service and to roll out new product features to further our idea of what “modern care” is.

Next Chapter, Not Final Chapter

Similarly, we're on a mission to modernise the idea of a care home! At Lottie, we consider the decision to go into a care home to be an elderly person's next chapter, not their final chapter. That's why our team work hard to find you a home that matches the lifestyle you're after.

From cinemas and salons to day trips and fitness classes, our listed properties offer an enhanced care home experience like no other. Furthermore, by telling us your likes and dislikes, we'll liaise with our care partners to provide you a tailored residency with daily activities and experiences to keep you active, entertained and mentally stimulated.

Lottie is leading the global transformation to a modern care sector, whereby care home living is designed to support elderly people live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled later life.

What do we mean by sustainable care?

A Greener Care Industry!

We're only at the start of our journey in leading the global transformation to sustainable care, but Lottie is committed to having a positive impact every step of the way. Here's just a few of the ways we're helping set a new environmental standard for the social care sector.

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Greener Choice

There's no getting around it, care homes burn fossil fuels in order to operate. But some care homes are more energy efficient than others and that's why from day one we've labelled which of our listed facilities emit less carbon dioxide than the average care home. Lottie's “Greener Choice” label is just one of the many ways we're helping care seekers make informed decisions.

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Care Partners

We're committed to working with care providers who share our vision for a greener social care sector. Equally, we're working hard behind the scenes on new initiatives and products to help our care partners create energy-positive buildings.

A cartoon of a group of elderly people walking with one of them holding a sign that says The People's Care Company

Leading by example

Our passion for the environment runs deep to our core. That's why we're committed to leading by example and encouraging our care partners to follow suit. As part of our efforts in protecting the environment, we offset all of our company's carbon use, plant a tree for every successful resident placement we facilitate.

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Beyond just environmental impact!

We recognise that the elderly care market is in crisis and requires significant reforms to enable the sector to grow and meet the projected demand for care. Lottie is committed to supporting the long-term sustainability of the elderly care market and will play a crucial role in providing the sector's key stakeholders powerful data insights to make smarter business decisions.

Covid 19

Running a care home isn't an easy feat and COVID-19 has only made times tougher for care providers. With the future of 1,000's of UK care homes in doubt and operators needing data insight more than ever before, Lottie will be offering its data products to all UK care operators, not just our existing care partners, for the entirety of 2021. The success of care homes is our business, so we'll be doing everything we can to support care providers through COVID-19 and to ensure the sustainability of the sector in the short, medium and long term.



Together, we're leading the global transformation to modern and sustainable care.


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Elderly people living a healthier, happier and more fulfilled later life


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