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Here you can browse retirement housing near you, hand picked by Lottie's retirement living experts. Filter by the cost, luxury facilities, and many more.

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More information about Retirement Housing Near Me

What is retirement housing?

Retirement housing are purpose built homes and apartments, built exclusively for adults aged 55 and over. If you're looking for security and safety later in life, whilst living independently in your own home, retirement housing schemes may be the perfect later living option for you.

Often retirement housing provides additional support and connections to a community and social events. There are lots of retirement property types to choose from including retirement homes, villages and communities, with options to rent or purchase.

What are the advantages for retirement housing schemes

Retirement living properties offer older adults support in a flexible way and when they need it most. The support and additional services available at each retirement village or community varies across the country, meaning there's plenty of choice to find the later living home for you.

From luxury homes, community spirit to organised social events and activities, retirement housing offers the opportunity to elevate your golden years whilst living independently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retirement Housing Near Me

What is the difference between retirement housing and sheltered accommodation?

Both retirement living and sheltered housing allow older adults to live independently. However a higher level of support is provided at sheltered accommodation and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What types of retirement properties are available?

There are a range of later living property types available across the UK. This includes retirement homes, apartments and bungalows. As well as purpose built later living communities and villages, exclusively designed for over 55 living.

What support is available with retirement housing?

The level of support available at each later living home will depend on many factors including location, cost and the retirement living operator. However most retirement housing schemes provide a warden or property manager, communal spaces, laundry facilities and property maintenance support.