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Lottie News > Meet The Care Home Residents Sharing Their Advice For King Charles

Meet The Care Home Residents Sharing Their Advice For King Charles


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With the King's coronation fast approaching, communities all over the country are preparing to celebrate this historic event.

To mark the coronation on the 6th of May, care home residents across the UK have come together to share their words of wisdom for the new King.

For some older generations, King Charles' coronation is especially important, as many will have celebrated the Queen’s coronation in 1953, sparking fond memories from their younger years.

There’s something so special about hearing about residents' memories of the Queen’s coronation and now their excitement for King Charles's upcoming coronation - and it’s great to hear the funny, inspiring, and heartwarming tips our residents have shared for our new King!

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Beryl - 93


A resident at Admiral Court Care Home in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, Joan (99) was a Radar Operator in the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) and was awarded Legion D’Honneur from the French Government for her efforts during World War II.

Joan shares she is “looking forward to what King Charles will bring to the country during his reign. I applaud his efforts for conservation awareness and I think he will do a good job - and he’s going in the right direction! I’m very keen on Prince William too. It could be worse, we could be led by politicians!”


Margaret (81), a resident at Anisha Grange Care Home in Billericay, shares her memories of the parade for the Queen’s Coronation. At the time, Margaret was dating her now-husband and they caught the earliest underground and went to London for the day.

She remembers when the parade of guests passed, that the Queen Salote of Tonga was in an open carriage even though the weather wasn’t good. She gave them the biggest smile and was wearing a green dress with a green umbrella. Margaret also watched the parade on TV again once she got home.


  • “I was brought up with the Royal family, I think everyone was and you would always respect it”, shares Jean, 87 (a resident at Ty Enfys Care Home)

  • “The royal family keep our nation together”, shares Joan, 88 (a resident at Ty Enfys Care Home)

  • “I love the Royal family and was brought up with it”, shares Bernice, 85 (a resident at Ty Enfys Care Home)

  • Winifred (105) a resident at Regency House Care Home, has had a few cards from the Queen - and is “looking forward to her first card this year for her 106th birthday from the King”


Edith (100), a resident at Regency House in Cardiff, received a birthday card from the King to mark her 100th birthday and says she is “looking forward to receiving the next one”.

Edith was invited to Buckingham Palace for her heroic efforts - she was a librarian and saved the Canton Library from burning down when it was hit by a bomb during World War II.

Edith (100)


Another resident at Regency House Care Home, Dilys, was 24 years old at the time of the Queen’s Coronation.

She remembers having the day off work and having a street party that stretched the length of the entire street.

Dilys loves the Royal family and thought that Princess Diana was very kind, caring and lovely.


Francoise (88), a resident at Ty Enfys Care Home, is very fond of the royal family and thinks they are “a wonderful family to look up to and people like to see the family progress”.

Francoise shares that when the royal family visits Cardiff, it’s always a big event and done properly. Francoise will be watching the King’s coronation as it’s something the nation is proud of.



Caroline (70), a resident at The Boynes Care Home in Upton-upon-Severn, Malvern Hills, performed at the London Palladium for the royal family when she was younger and thinks King Charles is a great role model for her grandchildren.

Caroline’s advice to the King is “always be happy in your responsibility for your country”.



John (85), a resident at Willow Bank House Care Home in Pershore, Worcestershire, shares that his greatest achievement in life was his career. John was a Doctor of Computer Chemistry and later in his life, he went on to specialise in exercise and infection.

John’s advice to the King is to “do what you enjoy!”.


Another resident at Willow Bank House Care Home, Dorothy (87), shares how she was 18 when the Queen was crowned in 1952 and remembers her father buying a small black and white TV, so her family and neighbours could watch the coronation together.

Dorothy has advised the king to live life with no regrets”.

Dorothy - 87


Paul (73), a resident at Willow Bank House Care Home remembers watching the Queen’s coronation at his neighbour's house before his street had a party.

Paul’s advice to the King is “don’t get too tied up in your work”.

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