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Location Guides > 5 Things to Do in Hertfordshire For Elderly People

5 Things to Do in Hertfordshire For Elderly People

A panoramic view of St Albans, Hertfordshire

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Hertfordshire is a beautiful county that sits to the north of London and it is packed with incredible sights, places to visit and things to do. There is plenty in this county that elderly people can enjoy, so read on to find Lottie’s picks for the 5 best things for elderly people to do in Hertfordshire.

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The Cathedral & Abbey Church of Saint Alban

First on our list is the beautiful Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban, a truly stunning masterpiece of Norman architecture that dates from the 11th century! The cathedral itself has seen over 900 years of history and is dedicated to Britain’s first saint. It is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in the whole of Britain.

The church is a must-see, with mediaeval paintings, shrines to ancient saints and the longest nave in England. Daily free tours are available, and pre-booking is recommended. There are traditional Christian services held regularly, as well as occasional organ concerts. Find out what is on here.

Although there isn’t on-site parking, the cathedral is easily accessible by public transport and parking is available nearby. The cathedral itself is accessible for wheelchair users, with ramps and lifts to allow access throughout the building.

Hatfield House

Next up on our list is the impressive Hatfield House, a large country house complete with a park on the eastern side of Hatfield. The current building is a prime example of Jacobean architecture and was built in 1611 during the reign of King James I.

On display are historical treasures collected over the years by the Cecil family, as well as beautiful gardens open to the public which contain a wide variety of trees, bulbs and plants. See if you can spot scenes from your favourite films and TV shows; the house has been used for blockbuster films such as Hot Fuzz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman (1989) as well as Netflix’s The Crown and Bridgerton (and many more!).

Guided tours are available around the house, and access allows for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility. There are paths around the grounds mapped out that have surfaces suitable for wheelchair users. Find more out about access here.

Paradise Wildlife Park

It is easy to have a fantastic day out at Paradise Wildlife Park, a unique attraction located in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Over 800 animals can be found here, ranging from penguins and red pandas to zebras and leopards.

The Park is also home to a great exhibit called the World of Dinosaurs, featuring life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs that move and roar as you go through the exhibit; it is a thrilling way to imagine what the world would have looked like when these mighty beasts roamed the lands.

The Park houses a wide range of habitats and the entire site is accessible for most people, with even tarmac paths throughout. Mobility scooters can also be hired for the day. Check out more accessibility information here. Discounted tickets are available for over 60s, and there is also an option for disabled tickets which come with a complimentary carer ticket.

Roman Hertfordshire

One of the largest Roman cities used to exist in Hertfordshire and the legacy of that city lives on in The Verulamium Museum, Hypocaust and Roman Theatre, which are three separate and interesting exhibits that showcase Roman architecture and their way of life.

The Verulamium Museum is filled with Roman artefacts, fine mosaics and a wealth of information on the history of the Romans in Britain. The Museum is a short drive from St Albans and has on-site parking, including disabled spaces.

A short walk from the Museum is the Hypocaust, an excellent example of Roman engineering that showcases the first indoor heating systems in Britain. Hot air circulated through the hypocaust systems beneath the floor and through the walls of Roman buildings, and you can see the remains of one in what was thought to be a large townhouse built in 200AD.

There are also ruins nearby of a Roman Theatre, which is the only example of this type of Roman theatre in Britain. Built in 140AD, the theatre would have seated 2000 spectators for dancing, religious ceremonies and more.

The Hypocaust is free to visit, and a discounted joint ticket to the Museum & Roman Theatre is available to those aged 60 and over. The Museum is wheelchair accessible, but the Theatre has limited disabled access.

Natural History Museum at Tring

The Natural History Museum at Tring, once a private museum for the 2nd Baron Rothschild, is a fine establishment that houses a wide collection of stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles and insects in the United Kingdom. It is located on the ground of the former Rothschild estate, Tring Park, and was opened to the public in 1892.

The Baron Rothschild frequently went about town in a zebra-drawn carriage, and you can see a zebroid (horse and zebra hybrid) on display at the museum! It is easy to spend hours here: you can see extinct animals and birds and oddities of the animal kingdom such as hybrids and abnormally coloured animals, as well as an exhibit focusing on the evolution of dogs throughout the years by selective breeding.

Tickets are free, although you should book to get guaranteed access. The museum itself is wheelchair-accessible by the use of ramps and lifts and you can read out about their accessibility here.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 things for elderly people to do in Hertfordshire. It is certainly a beautiful and interesting county and there is much more to do that we haven’t covered here, so start exploring and enjoy your visit!

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