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Location Guides > 7 Things to Do For Elderly People in Lancashire

7 Things to Do For Elderly People in Lancashire

The Beach and Pier at Blackpool, Lancashire

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Lancashire is home to both Blackpool and Lancaster, as well as countless nature reserves. With beaches, hills, and historic urban centres, the county has endless activities for elderly people.

Further, Lancashire is located nearby to the cosmopolitan northern cities of Manchester and Liverpool. Both can be reached in slightly over an hour, meaning day trips for shopping and food are easy!

With so many things to do for the elderly in Lancashire, you may be looking for some guidance on where to start. In this post, Lottie lends a hand by recommending our top seven activities.

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1. Enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is at the heart of the iconic seaside town and a British institution. World-class dancers from around the globe travel there to perform and compete on the famed floor.

The Tower hosts Afternoon Tea events on most days, which are a great way for elderly people to visit. The package includes all-day entry to the ballroom, the opportunity to get up on the dance floor yourself, and the tea itself, during which you can watch the performers and live band.

The meal includes a hot drink, sandwiches, scones and a cake. You can purchase tickets through the Blackpool Tower website.

2. Tour Lancaster Castle

Almost a thousand years old, Lancaster Castle was most likely formed on the site of an existing Roman fort. Since its creation, the Castle has played an important role in English history and now has a fascinating story to share.

The historic site is open to the public all week and offers guided tours every 45 minutes through the day. The walk includes a trip around the docks, as well as tales of crime, persecution and even witchcraft.

A concession price is offered on tickets for older people, making it an ideal attraction to visit. While pre-booking is not available, the frequency of the tours means there should always be spaces available!

3. Stroll Along St Anne’s Beach

Walking on beaches and taking in the invigorating sea air can be very relaxing and benefit mental health, both of which are particularly important for older people. Blackpool is the most famous of Lancaster’s coastal destinations, but it’s far from the only one to see.

St Anne’s, near Lytham, is a vast natural sand beach, with beautiful views. The seafront also features a large promenade, which is home to attractions including landscaped gardens, a pier and a historic green windmill.

It’s advised that you don’t swim in the sea as there are no lifeguards to monitor safety, but it’s the perfect place for a paddle. So, head down for a splash and an ice cream cone on the next hot day.

4. Observe Birds of Prey at Turbary Woods Owl Sanctuary

Located near Preston in Lancashire, Turbary Woods Sanctuary specialises in rescuing and rehabilitating injured owls and other birds of prey. The centre is home to over ninety different species, including falcons, eagles, and hawks.

The birds live in large, open aviaries that enable visitors to observe them during their recovery. Further, flying displays are hosted shortly after noon each day, so you can see the incredible creatures soar!

The Sanctuary is open throughout the year and offers half-price tickets as a concession for elderly visitors. All proceeds go back into maintaining the centre and caring for the birds, so it’s definitely worth a trip.

5. Visit the British Commercial Vehicle Museum

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum can be found in Leyland, where it was established because of the town’s links to the bus manufacturer of the same name. It’s a must visit for any petrolheads or people with an interest in history.

The exhibits trace the development of modern transport all the way back to horse-drawn carriages. They feature expertly curated examples of a wide range of machines, from steam engines to commercial lorries.

The museum is completely privately funded, meaning ticket sales are vital to its survival. It’s open Thursday to Sunday every week, as well as on bank holiday Mondays, making it a perfect weekday trip for anyone in retirement.

6. Connect with Nature in Aughton Woods

Aughton Woods is a natural oasis, brimming with plants and animals. From ancient small-leaved lime trees to foxgloves, the reserve is home to a wide range of fascinating wildlife.

The best time to visit is in the spring when the flowers are waking after the winter and blossoming. You’ll also hear the calls of many different species of birds, from tits to chaffinches.

Parking can be found close to the reserve at Crook O’Lune. From here a path that leads through the various habitats can be accessed.

However, there are steep slopes, so you should be mindful of mobility when planning a trip. Aughton is an attraction better suited to active elderly people.

7. Explore History at Ribchester Roman Museum

Over one hundred years old, Ribchester Roman Museum was originally founded by Margaret Greenall, of the famous gin-brewing family. It was created to protect and house the antiquities present in the town because of its Roman roots.

A fort in ancient times, many artefacts survive to this day and the foundations of some structures can still be seen. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the long-forgotten past that any older history lovers will enjoy.

The museum’s opening times differ throughout the year, so it’s best to check their website before you go.

Finding a Care Home in Lancashire

Lancashire’s mixture of peaceful and fun attractions makes it a great place to retire. If you’re considering a move there, you may want to look up care homes in the area.

Lottie has examined and recommended care providers in the county so that you can choose one with confidence. Head over to our Lancashire care homes to find out more.

Here are two of the best care homes in Lancashire that we offer:

  1. Sherwood Court Care Home

  2. Sherwood Lodge Care Home

We’re on a mission to support individuals and their loved ones throughout each stage of their later living journey. For more information, check out everything Lottie has to offer.

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