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Location Guides > 7 Things to Do For Elderly People in Birmingham

7 Things to Do For Elderly People in Birmingham

Victoria Square in Birmingham

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Birmingham has been nicknamed the ‘second city’ and with good reason! One of the nation’s largest metropolitan centres, there are huge amounts to do, including for seniors.

From music and art to sport, nature and historical places, there are activities to suit every interest in Birmingham. Further, with one of the country’s best public transport systems, getting to the fun is simple.

Here, we've shared some of our favourite things to do for elderly people in Birmingham. If you’re considering a move or are looking for new things to do around the town, read on to learn more.

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1. Unwind in Sutton Park

One of the largest urban parks in Europe, Sutton Park is a natural oasis. Its thousands of acres are filled with a wide variety of wildlife and terrains, including heathland, lakes, woods, wetlands and marshes.

This makes it a wonderful place to spend time in your later years. Whether feeding ducks in the water or hiking through the hills, you’ll strengthen your bond with nature and feel happier for doing so.

Entry to the site is free, although there are charges for parking during the summer and Bank Holidays.

2. Visit the Black Country Living Museum

One of the most enjoyable historic sites in the UK, the Black Country Living Museum is an open-air and interactive experience. It remakes the Black Country of the past, one of the first industrialised areas in the world.

Detailed reconstructions of shops, homes and workplaces show how the region looked and felt long ago. By allowing visitors to engage with these environments, the museum gives insight into the development and impact of heavy industry.

You can even try food from the time, with an onsite chip shop. Here, they use traditional 1930s fryers and beef dripping to authentically recreate the taste of fish & chips from the era.

It’s a great day out for the whole family, with tickets offered at a reduced cost for those over the age of 65.

3. Take the Peaky Blinders Tour

A fan of the tv show or simply of history? The Peaky Blinders Tour gives a fascinating look into the realities of the criminal lives that inspired the hit series.

Meeting at The Old Crown on Deritend High Street, the experience consists of a private talk at the pub and a 45-minute walking tour. You’ll even be shown the Rainbow Pub, where the term ‘Peaky Blinder’ was born!

If Peaky Blinders aren’t for you, Brum Tours offers a range of other guided tours. Sign up to learn more about the history of the city.

4. Keep Active with Walking Football

Walking football has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The new format is designed to slow the pace of the sport, by excluding running from the play.

The idea is to open up the game to people of all ages and encourage seniors to get back into it, or even try it for the first time. The reduced speed makes walking football a great way for elderly people to keep fit.

Birmingham has numerous walking football clubs, with most allowing both men and women to join. You can search for groups through Birmingham FA, so sign up now and embrace the beautiful game.

We also have a guide dedicated to helping you find walking football nearby, including in the West Midlands!

5. Attend a Concert at Symphony Hall

Songs and melodies are beneficial for older people, evoking happy memories and boosting mental health. For music lovers, Birmingham has a lot to offer, including the iconic Symphony Hall.

Renowned for its sound design, the hall is regarded as one of the best concert spaces in Europe. International stars, such as Bruce Springsteen and Liza Minelli, have travelled to play in the famed venue and take advantage of its beautiful acoustics.

Hosting everything from pop acts to philharmonic orchestras, Symphony Hall has something for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at what’s on and you’re sure to find a performance you’ll love.

6. Explore History at the Birmingham Back to Backs Tour

Operated by the National Trust, the Birmingham Back to Backs will take you on a tour of working-class living, all the way from the 1840s to the 1970s. It’s a fascinating look back at how life was in the not so distant past.

The guided tour takes you around the last remaining court of back to back housing in Birmingham, built originally in the 1800s. Now lovingly restored, even with the sounds and smells of time gone by, you can take a step back into history with a visit.

The experience is so popular that trips to the Back to Backs must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

7. Watch a ‘Coffee and Cake Classic’ at Birmingham Electric

The oldest working cinema in the UK, Birmingham Electric first opened its doors 1909. It retains a traditional feel, with red seats and showings of old movies, as well as modern blockbusters.

Each Tuesday and Saturday, the Electric hosts a ‘Coffee and Cake Classic’. Here, they screen an older film and provide coffee & cake to be enjoyed during.

This treat comes at only a small extra cost, but adds a whole extra layer of enjoyment to your visit. With beloved silver screen classics, such as Singing in the Rain and Brief Encounters, you’re sure to have a great time.

Finding a Care Home in Birmingham

If the great variety of activities that Birmingham has to offer makes it the perfect place for you or a relative to retire to, you may want to find one of the best care homes in Birmingham. If you live in a care home then activity coordinators will be on-hand to provide residents with a range of amazing things to do.

As the second city, Birmingham has many care providers and this wide selection can be overwhelming. A helping hand to decide can therefore be useful.

Lottie carefully assesses care homes to recommend which may be best for you. View our care homes in Birmingham here.

Here are two of the best care homes in Birmingham that we offer:

  1. Bourn View Care Home

  2. Edgbaston Beaumont Care Home

We’re on a mission to support individuals and their loved ones throughout each stage of their later living journey. For more information, check out everything Lottie has to offer.

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