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Dementia Support Groups UK | Find Support Near You

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There’s a range of services available to support people with dementia, including dementia support groups. These groups offer people living with dementia - along with their families, close friends and dementia carers - the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the condition with like-minded people. Mutual support can be given, and these groups often put on fun activities and events as well!

Speaking to others in similar situations can make a huge difference - by helping you to realise lots of other people are going through the same experiences.

Here, you’ll find dementia support groups throughout the different regions of the UK. We’ve also highlighted other websites you can find support near you, as well as further dementia support you can access.

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In this article:

  1. Alzheimer’s Society
  2. Age UK
  3. Dementia Action Alliance
  4. Find a dementia support group near you
  5. What other dementia support is available?

Alzheimer’s Society

You can use the Alzheimer’s Society dementia directory to find local support services and dementia support groups.

By entering your postcode, you can select the service most relevant to you or your loved one. Services available include:

Popular dementia-related activities include memory cafés, dementia choirs and other types of singing, music for dementia, walking football, gentle exercise and dance.

Meanwhile, community support services allow people to discuss their situations with each other. Often, knowing you aren’t alone as a carer or a person living with dementia can make a huge difference to emotional wellbeing.

Age UK

Age UK offers community-based support services for people living with dementia, along with their families and carers.

To find out what dementia support your local Age UK provides, simply enter your postcode. You’ll then be presented with your nearest Age UK branch, which you can click on to learn more.

Age UK in Cumbria

Dementia Action Alliance

The Dementia Action Alliance has built a network of organisations and dementia-friendly communities across the UK. Members include banks, emergency services, supermarkets, local authorities, leisure centres, providers of transport and GP practices.

You or your loved one may live near one of their Local Dementia Action Alliances. By clicking through to the relevant region, you’ll find Local Dementia Action Alliances throughout your local area, including contact details and the support they put on for people living with dementia.

Care Space

Care Space is our online support group that aims to make topics surrounding care feel less confusing and lonely, including dementia.

Here, you can ask questions, receive direct expert care advice and meet others in your situation.

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Find a Dementia Support Group Near You

The UK is packed with dementia support groups aimed at people of all ages. These support groups help people affected by dementia in some way better manage the effects of the condition. Services vary, but things such as group or one-to-one support, activities and crucial information are all regularly provided.

  1. London and the South East
  2. South West
  3. East of England
  4. East Midlands
  5. West Midlands
  6. Yorkshire and the Humber
  7. North East
  8. North West
  9. Wales
  10. Scotland

London and the South East

South East England - DEEP

DEEP is a network of dementia groups across the UK. The South East DEEP group offers numerous local support services for people living with dementia.

For example, their Dementia Space group in West Sussex meets for four hours each week and provides a safe space for people to take part in discussion sessions, physical activities, reminiscence therapy and more.

Meanwhile, Kim’s Cafés are easy-to-access Hampshire groups for people living in the towns of Havant and Denmead. Here, people in similar situations can bond over tea and homemade cakes, while also sharing their experiences.

Older women gardening together

Bracknell Forest Council Events

Through the Bracknell Forest Council website, you’ll find a range of weekly events, including walking football, dementia-friendly movie screenings, carer drop-ins, seated exercises, memory cafés and dementia walks.

These events take place across the Bracknell Forest district, as well as in the towns of Sandhurst, Camberley and Bracknell itself.

Dementia Support in Richmond

The NHS For South West London offers emotional support for people with dementia in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, along with their families and carers.

Through their Dementia Services Directory, you’ll find dementia support groups provided by Richmond Council. Similarly, their Carer’s Hub includes useful advice for anyone living in Richmond looking after somebody with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

South West England

Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service

The Dementia Wellbeing Service is delivered by the Bristol Dementia Partnership. Here, the Alzheimer’s Society and Devon Partnership NHS Trust work together to provide local dementia services within the city of Bristol.

Support and guidance are given to those who need it in a way that best suits each individual.

Dementia Navigators are there to support people living with dementia in a person-centred manner. One of the most important things is trying to maintain and promote independence for the person living with dementia.

Livewell Southwest

With its headquarters in Plymouth, the Dementia Advisor Service aims to support people following a dementia diagnosis. Carers, family members and friends are also given ongoing information about which services and support are available, including dementia support groups.

After somebody has been diagnosed, they’ll automatically be referred to post-diagnostic sessions that take place across Plymouth over five weeks. These two-and-a-half-hour sessions focus on enhancing your loved one’s wellbeing, along with planning for the future.

East of England

Dementia Services in Southend

This Dementia Community Support Team aims to enhance the lives of people living with dementia in the areas of Southend, Rochford and Castle Point. Services are also available to carers.

The dementia network coordinator works across these areas to provide a range of social opportunities and free support groups, all of which emphasise socialisation, fun and stimulation.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Support is given through the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. This dementia support service provides personalised help, including specialist information and access to nurses and other healthcare professionals if your loved one has more complex needs.

Located in Norwich, Norfolk, face-to-face support is also available, such as emotional support for the carers and families of people living with dementia.

East Midlands

Forget-me-not Dementia Support Group

The Forget-me-not Dementia Support Group is aimed at people with memory problems, along with their friends and family members. This support group takes place on the third Monday of every month from 13:30 to 15:30 in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Group meetings are aimed at building friendships and providing information. Often, guest speakers and fun group activities are organised as well.

Newark & Sherwood District Council Dementia Support

The Newark & Sherwood District Council proudly refer to themselves as a ‘dementia-friendly council’. Over 140 of their staff are registered Dementia Friends, creating a better all-around understanding of the condition.

There are several memory loss support groups within this area, including The Alzheimer’s Society Nottingham and a relaxed memory café which takes place every Monday from 13:00 to 15:00 in Ollerton. People living in Newark-on-Trent and nearby towns will benefit from these support groups.

Older adults drinking tea together

West Midlands

Birmingham Carers Hub

The Birmingham Carers Hub lists a range of dementia support groups, including face-to-face support for carers. There’s a meeting from 11:00 to 13:00 on Mondays in Sutton Coldfield, on Tuesdays between 14:00 and 16:00 in South Birmingham and more.

Online support groups are also available if you aren’t able to attend in person.

Dementia Roadmap Social Groups

Through the Dementia Roadmap directory, you’ll find different local initiatives specifically aimed at people living with dementia. These include an African Caribbean dementia café in West Bromwich, gentle exercise in West Bromwich, community-based exercise groups in Sandwell and support groups in the town of Oldbury.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Dementia Forward North Yorkshire

Dementia Forward supports people with dementia and those affected by it across North Yorkshire.

The experienced Dementia Forward team help people through a variety of local services, including confidential and compassionate advice, wellbeing activities and community hubs. These community hubs act as amazing dementia support groups, where your loved one with dementia will benefit from a full range of activities and events.

East Riding Dementia Services

The Alzheimer’s Society runs several services in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Their most popular services include carer information and support programmes. These programmes run across a series of workshops and are aimed at carers of people living with dementia.

There are also activity groups which serve as a brilliant place to socialise with others affected by dementia.

Older women knitting

North East England

Dementia Matters

Dementia Matters provides specialist care, advice and support to people living with dementia and other neurological conditions. Day services and home support are both offered in Newcastle and Northumberland, along with family-centred services for carers and family members in need of support.

Healthwatch Northumberland

Healthwatch Northumberland has compiled a range of dementia support groups and activities. For example, HospiceCare North Northumberland runs a dementia café twice a month in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Other much-loved activities include ‘Singing for the Brain’ and the ‘Northumberland Side by Side Service’.

North West England

South Cheshire Dementia Support Service

The South Cheshire Dementia Support Service provides lots of information and support for people living with dementia, their carers, family members and close friends. This support is provided by dementia support workers and includes one-to-one meetings for tailored advice in a relaxed environment.

This service is aimed at people living in the county of Cheshire.

North West England - DEEP

The North West England branch of DEEP offers several support groups and enjoyable activities throughout the region.

The ‘Still Me’ project in Warrington works to strengthen the voices of people living with dementia, while ‘Bouncing Back’ is a dementia support group based in Chester. You can attend this group for companionship, peer support and lots of invaluable information.

Older adults taking part in a group writing session


Cardiff and Vale Dementia Support Service

The Cardiff and Vale Dementia Support Service is supported by the Alzheimer’s Society. Here, advice, information and compassionate support are all provided - both in-person and online - for people living with dementia, their carers and family members.

There’s no charge for using this service, and people can take advantage by either referring themselves or being referred by someone else.

Wales - DEEP

DEEP is also based in Wales, and you’ll find dementia support groups and several other meaningful services based across the country.

Their Elevenses sessions in Llanelli aim to provide stimulation through captivating storytelling and art, while ‘Still Me’ is an arts and wellbeing support group in Pontypridd for people affected by dementia in some way.


Westspace West Lothian Services

Alzheimer Scotland provides numerous services for people of all ages who have dementia, as well as their carers. Their West Lothian branch is based in the centre of Livingston, and people in nearby towns such as Bathgate and Whitburn are also able to use these services.

Community activities, information, advice and specialist support for carers are all available throughout each stage of the dementia journey.

Alzheimer Scotland, Shetland Branch

The Shetland branch of Alzheimer Scotland provides similar services to what we mentioned above. The focus is on maintaining relationships between people living with dementia and the people who care for them most, as well as building connections within local communities, often through social activities and group support sessions.

What Other Dementia Support Is Available?

One-on-one support

Speaking directly to a dementia expert such as a specialist dementia or Alzheimer’s nurse can prove an invaluable experience. You can speak with this expert about your caring responsibilities (or your symptoms if you have dementia) and any concerns you have.

One-on-one support sessions will often cover the following:

  • Tips and advice for looking after a loved one with dementia
  • Getting a better understanding of dementia, its symptoms and how it progresses
  • Emotional support
  • Maintaining a good work-life balance
  • How to access other information relevant to dementia

Group support

Simply voicing your thoughts and feelings surrounding dementia and your experiences of the condition can make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing. Often, you’ll find that countless others are currently going through very similar experiences.

Through group meetings, you can share advice with each other about the different stages of dementia, along with what has and hasn’t worked for you.

Virtual carer support groups

Many of the dementia support groups we’ve listed above run virtual or online meetings for people who are unable to attend in person. These have become much more common since Covid-19.

Online forums

There are lots of forums dedicated to helping people better live with dementia. People share their experiences, whether these are from the perspective of looking after somebody with the condition, or somebody who has dementia.

Popular online forums for dementia support include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good activities for someone with dementia?

The best activities for somebody living with dementia keep their brain active through physical and mental stimulation, creating positive emotional feelings. Popular activities for someone with dementia include walking, dance, tai chi, yoga and other forms of gentle exercise, arts & crafts such as drawing and painting, reading, gardening and generally spending time in nature.

Should people with dementia watch TV?

If your loved one has dementia, watching television can be beneficial. TV and movies can keep the brain active while also evoking positive memories in many cases. With that said, the content should be tailored to the individual, or it may become an unhelpful experience.

When should someone with dementia go into a care home?

It may be a good idea for somebody with dementia to go into a care home if their dementia has progressed to the point where you’re unable to provide the amount of support they need. Dementia is a progressive condition, meaning this person will gradually require more help over time, such as 24/7 assistance from specialist dementia nurses.

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