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The Best Dementia-Friendly Taylor Swift Playlist Revealed

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Our new research has found a 400% surge in demand for elderly dementia care in the last 12 months - especially for older adults aged 75 and over.

Listening and engaging with music can help those living with dementia communicate, stay connected to others, and spark memories of joy and happiness.

Ahead of Taylor Swift’s much anticipated UK Eras Tour on 7 June 2024, we’ve analysed each of Taylor Swift’s songs to reveal the ultimate dementia-friendly Era’s Tour playlist.

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How Did We Analyse Taylor Swift’s Music?

Our care experts analysed each of Taylor Swift's songs' beats per minute (tempo). The best dementia-friendly music has a moderate tempo, ranging from 80 to 120 beats per minute.

With an average tempo of 101 beats per minute, 30 songs, and over 2 hours of music, some of Swift’s most popular hits have made it onto our playlist, including Love Story, 22, and music from her latest album release, The Tortured Poets Department.

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Our Ultimate Dementia-Friendly Taylor Swift Playlist

Taylor Swift Song Album Beats Per Minute
Teardrops On My Guitar Taylor Swift 100
Our Song Taylor Swift 89
Love Story Fearless 119
Fearless Fearless 100
Hey Stephen Fearless 116
Enchanted Speak Now 82
Speak Now Speak Now 119
Dear John Speak Now 119
22 Red 104
All Too Well Red 93
Treacherous Red 110
Blank Space 1989 96
Style 1989 95
Welcome To New York 1989 117
Out of the Woods 1989 92
So It Goes Reputation 75
Gorgeous Reputation 92
Afterglow Lover 111
Paper Rings Lover 104
Cornelia Street Lover 102
August Folklore 90
Seven Folklore 95
Willow Evermore 81
Coney Island Evermore 108
You're On Your Own Kid Midnights 120
Anti-Hero Midnights 97
Labyrinth Midnights 110
Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me The Tortured Poets Department 120
My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys The Tortured Poets Department 97
Fresh Out The Slammer The Tortured Poets Department 87

Lottie’s Vision Behind Creating a Taylor Swift Dementia Playlist

Our vision in creating a dementia-friendly Taylor Swift playlist is to raise much-needed awareness of the support available for those living with dementia. Our Taylor Swift playlist will unite generations through the power of music and has added a positive twist to a popular activity embraced by care homes across the country.

Music has many health and wellbeing benefits, especially for those living with dementia or receiving care. Previous research has found that music can help reduce anxiety, maintain speech, express emotions and enhance the overall wellbeing of someone living with dementia.

The Benefits Of Music For Those Living With Dementia

  • It can help people reminisce and recall happy memories from years gone by

  • Music makes it easier for people living with dementia to express their emotions and ideas

  • It encourages social interaction, giving people an opportunity to bond over the shared love of a song or artist

  • People living with dementia and their caregivers can connect through the medium of music, improving their relationship

  • Listening to your favourite songs can do wonders for your mood, helping to reduce any feelings of depression or anxiety

  • Music can be soothing and make it easier for people to sleep at night

  • There are also physical benefits, with music encouraging people to move or even dance

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